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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Limitless Corp is a distinguished design house and manufacturer specializing in crafting luxury home furnishing products, carefully curated to offer a world-class range. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we collaborate with prestigious brands across the globe. Our capabilities encompass a diverse spectrum of techniques, including handcrafted designs, machine embroidery, various washes, quilting, and more.

Our dedication lies in the creation of exceptional products that enhance the convenience and style of individuals. With over two decades of involvement in the home furnishing industry, we continually strategize and innovate, striving to provide our customers with the optimal experience. Our overarching vision is to progress from humble beginnings to becoming one of the world's leading brands.

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Our Story

Our impetus is fuelled by a commitment to innovation, creativity, and simplicity, all infused with a global design perspective that enriches contemporary lifestyles. Each season, we unveil our distinctive signature lines and themed collections, encompassing a wide array of offerings such as cushion covers, bed linen, bath linen, dining essentials, and a captivating collection tailored for kids and toddlers.

Our journey in this domain led us to diligently seek the finest materials, fundamental to the essence of our creations. We meticulously selected fabrics revered for their extraordinary softness, durability, and sustainability. Each material was chosen with precision, recognizing that genuine luxury transcends appearances—it embodies a harmony of quality and conscientiousness.

However, our commitment extends beyond material selection. We firmly believe that luxury should be synonymous with responsibility. Thus, we wholeheartedly embraced sustainable practices throughout our manufacturing process. This includes responsible material sourcing and the adoption of energy-efficient production methods, aligning with our dedication to minimizing environmental impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver world-class Home Furnishing Products, merging passion and purpose with creativity and innovation to craft exceptional experiences. We are dedicated to fostering emotional connections with customers worldwide by offering inspiring product design, exceptional service, premium quality products, and a high perceived value. Our aim is to earn their trust and establish enduring relationships for a lifetime.

Our Vision

We aspire to deliver the utmost quality in products and services, consistently exceeding customer expectations and outperforming our competitors. We remain committed to enhancing our product offerings, ensuring value for money, and elevating company performance. This pursuit is driven by strengthened partnerships with customers, manufacturers, suppliers, and stakeholders on a global scale, fostering continuous improvement and growth.

Our Founders

Sabina Mago, our visionary founder, wears multiple hats with grace. As the creative force behind our company, she serves as both the design and production head, leading a team of top international designers. Her global travels keep her attuned to the latest market trends, fuelling her passion and creativity in crafting exceptional home furnishings.

Working hand in hand with Sabina is our co-founder, Ayush Mago, who spearheads our marketing and sales efforts. Together, they form a dynamic duo, ensuring our company's annual goals are not just met but exceeded. With a strong presence in the hotel and interior design industry, we proudly serve reputed customers.

Our Clients

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