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Boutique Hotel


Manali, India



Elevating the luxury experience at Hotel Palchan was a remarkable journey for us. With a commitment to crafting excellence, we embarked on a bespoke project to outfit their 54-room property with an array of exquisite soft furnishings.

Our task was nothing short of creating a harmonious symphony of comfort and style. We meticulously designed and delivered a complete collection that included curtains, bedding linen, bathroom linen, dining table mats, runners, and napkins, each piece carefully tailored to meet the hotel's exacting standards.

Hotel Palchan sought a blend of modernity and subtlety in their rooms, and our designers rose to the challenge. The result was a collection that seamlessly integrated with the hotel's ambiance, offering guests a serene, yet contemporary environment to unwind and indulge.

This project exemplifies our dedication to transforming spaces into havens of comfort and sophistication. Hotel Palchan's 54 rooms now exude an understated elegance that resonates with discerning guests, making their stay truly exceptional.

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